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Adele gets the sweetest surprise!!

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Adele’s boyfriend Simon Konecki might be the best boyfriend ever!! literally!! He celebrated their 5th year anniversary by replacing Adele’s regular confetti to sweet handwritten love notes at her concert in Nashville on Oct. 17. She usually has black and white confetti’s at the end of her show containing lyrics of her songs. She must have been stunned to see those love note confetti instead of her normal ones. Like can you imagine, tons of sparkly pink confetti raining down on you and your thousands of adoring fans and every single one of the confetti having a special message just for you from your significant other? Well you and me can’t, but Adele sure knows how that feels! It is what relationship goals are made of or anniversary goals to be exact…

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Simon Konecki is the current boyfriend of British pop singer Adele and father of her three year old son. He is also the CEO of a charity DropforDrop. Simon is also known to be the inspiration for her album ”25” and she states that she will never be devastated again. So it means we might get to hear some romantic songs in the near future.


Adele is still on the road for her 25 tour, she’s looking forward to spending time with Simon and their son, Angelo. She also has been planning to take a 10 year break from touring to spend time with her man and raise her son. Her family is clearly her top priority and we all can relate to that.






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