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Blac Chyna angry at Tyga and Kylie

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Like the drama between Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna wasn’t enough.. the matters got even worse as both of them  threw the same themed party for Blac and Tyga’s son only a day apart!


Blac is totally furious at Kylie and Tyga for stealing her idea for her son’s birthday, which she had been planning for 2 months. She is certain that the a staff member of her reality TV show must have leaked details of her party. King Cairo who turned 4 this October 16 got two different birthday parties from his mom and dad. Blac’s party took place on Saturday and she had invited both Tyga and Kylie but they chose not to show up. They then had a even bigger and lavish party with the same Ferrari theme on the very next day which totally outdid her party.

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Blac maybe happy for her son having two parties but is definitely upset that they ripped her idea and she thinks that it is like “a slap in the face” according to sources. She previously also had said that she doesn’t like Kylie’s attempt to play “stepmom” to her son. She appreciates the little things Kylie does for King but says Kylie needs to understand boundaries and stop trying to outdo Chyna. To see it from a mothers point of view Blac being mad at Kylie is justifiable, it is her son and she doesn’t like others outshining her and take away her motherhood.


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