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Eminem Reveals His Regrets To Daughter Hailie In Emotional New Song — Read Lyrics

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Eminem emotionally expressed the struggles of parenting to daughter Hailie in a song from his latest album, ‘Revival’. See the lyrics here!

Over the years, Eminem, 45, has been extremely vocal about his life before fame, via his music. With his most recent album, Revival, released on Dec. 15, he reveals the regret he’s experienced while raising daughter Hailie Jade, 21. The Detroit rapper invites fans on an emotional journey where he describes his struggles as a father and the difficulty of balancing it with his career. Revival is filled with emotional references that show a more vulnerable and honest side to Eminem. There are many songs that reference Hailie, but “Castle,” is the most heartbreaking one of all.

“Castle” is a complete dedication to Hailie, as Eminem says “this is your song,” throughout the chorus. He goes on to explain in the lyrics that when ex Kimberly Anne Scott, 42, was pregnant with Hailie, he realized that his life would change and that he needed to find a way to support his family. “Let’s see how far I can take it with this music. I’m getting sick of chasing this illusion. Sorry for the sloppy writing, the pen in my hand is shaking, please excuse me,” he said. It appears that the song was originally a letter he wrote before Hailie’s birth.

He continues with, “Dad’s a little nervous, but at the same time excited. Trying to build these castles out of sand, baby girl.” Eminem has always made it a point to put his daughter first even during the toughest times. He ends the song apologizing to his daughter for his reputation and referencing her in his music. “You ain’t asked for none of this sh*t, now you’re being punished? I’ll put out this last album then I’m done with it.” We’re sure that Hailie in the end will understand the many sacrifices her father has made. As we hold back tears, we can’t deny how nice it is to see a softer side of the rapper.


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