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? reason behind the Rihanna known as Reigning Queen of the Canadian Tuxedo..

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Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears may have it done first, but Rihanna has been reinventing the Canadian tuxedo for years now.

There’s a headline almost every month capturing her latest turn in double denim, but it’s not the fact that the “Love on the Brain” singer is simply wearing all denim—what was considered a fashion faux pas a decade ago—that is news. It’s how she wears the look that’s interesting and innovative.

Riri was one of the first to wear a denim jacket, partially buttoned below and unbuttoned up top, as an off-the-shoulder layer. It may look like a slightly uncomfortable or impractical trend, but sure enough, It Girls like Gigi Hadid and Hailey Baldwin followed in style.

She took a closet staple—her favorite denim jacket by Matthew Adams Dolan—and showed us you can actually play with its structured silhouette. You can turn it into a cinched-in dress. You can mix and match it with other jean-like textures. You can wear oversize pieces and still be sexy. You just have to be daring enough to try.

The “Wild Thoughts” singer seems to be living in jeans this year—and we don’t blame her. But it’s definitely not just a phase. She’ll be reinventing this look for years to come. How do we know? Her past all-denim looks say it all.

Even throwback Rihanna, pictured here in 2011 while shooting a music video, had a penchant for double denim. She channeled her sexiest Rosie the Riveter vibes and modernized the denim bralette and A-line skater skirt with distressed stockings and edgy sneakers.

How do you break up the monotony of an all-denim look? If you’re Rihanna, you take a statement piece, like an embellished fanny pack, and make it the centerpiece of your ensemble. Of course, back in 2012, the singer had blonde locks, which perfectly matched her shoes and the dollar-sign detailing on her bag.

Not only does the trendsetter love double denim, but it seem like two pieces are just not enough for the “Love on the Brain” singer. While on the way to film The Jonathan Ross Show in 2012, the celeb was spotted wearing not just a chambray shirt and studded denim shorts, but she wrapped a denim jacket around her waist to add more dimension. Her black thigh-high leather boots and snapback hat also helped anchor the ensemble.

If you’re going to wear a Canadian tuxedo, inject a little sophistication into the look with chic silhouettes and structured accessories. Badgalriri paired a button-up and pencil skirt (typical work wear) with a leather hat and cuff.

Who says you can’t wear an all-denim look while out on town? Rihanna did in 2016 when clubbing with Justin Bieber. The key to this look? Proportions—Riri paired a mini with an oversized jacket—and fly accessories. This is finally your chance to wear a diamond necklace, metallic boots and Terminator-like sunglasses together!

Nowadays, denim is worn much like a neutral, like nude pumps are used to balance out an outfit. Not for the “Work” singer—if she’s going to pile it on, she’s gonna make sure her denim dress has a vibrant blue wash, her cropped jeans come in two tones and she has lace-up booties to match.

At Coachella, you’ll often see flowing maxis, neon bodysuits and flower crowns. When Rihanna goes to a music festival, she comes in all denim with a few eye-catching twists. She might not opt for a lightweight dress, but you can bet high slits are necessary…to dance, of course. Why stop at denim clothes? Rihanna brought the bluish tone to her lips to top off the party look.

Riri knows the value of a good wash and how to mix different tones and textures together. If this was a single-wash oversize denim coat-dress, it would look kind of boring. With the distressed fabric, patchwork and embroidered details, paired with the leopard-print bag and furry heels, the singer’s look is far more interesting.

Rihanna has been sporting this look quite often this year, wearing her Matthew Adams Dolan oversize jacket over and over. You wouldn’t notice, though, as she styles the staple differently each time. In this instance, she wore the jacket off her shoulders and belted it at the waist with a clear accessory.


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