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The trailer for “LOGAN” is finally here.

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If you are a fan of “X-men” franchise then you know who Logan is , and for those who are not so much of a fan you must know him by the name “Wolverine”. Logan is the the third part of the previous movie X-men origins:Wolverine (2009) and The Wolverine (2013) . The 20th century fox movie starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is directed by James Mangold and produced by Simon Kinberg.

The trailer shows the older versions of both Logan and professor Charles and they seem to be the only remaining mutants alive including a little girl who is claimed to be just like Logan. That being said she must have the powers like Logan i.e. indestructible adamantium claws  and super fast healing power, pretty cool for a little girl eh?? but it is just a theory yet and we don’t know exactly what “she is very much like you”means but it looks like she is a clone of Wolverine.

The other key thing to notice in the trailer is the aging Logan. After all these X-men franchise, we all know and even envy Logan aka Wolverine’s healing power. He doesn’t give any damn cause he can just heal himself like real superfast and that is also the main reason he looks the same throughout all those years… now who wouldn’t want that huh?? But this movie shows Logan is aging and that means his healing power maybe diminishing. This all brings to one question… will this be the end of an epic character? will this be his last mission??

All questions will be answered on March 3rd 2017… until then checkout the trailer here!

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