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Who is replacing Anmol KC?

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 Anmol kc, with just a few films to his tribute, he has already garnered a good fan following, especially girls. Despite of many negative comments regarding his acting , his movies had collected good sum of amount . Anmol Kc’s debut movie ‘Hostel’ was directed by Hemraj BC. Probably director Bc liked Anmol’s work in ‘hostel’ and again preferred him in ‘Gajalu’ and ‘jerry‘. But now it seems Bc’s choice has been changed.After casting Ashirman Deshraj shrestha Joshi in ‘Gangster blues’ in place of Anmol Kc, he has signed Ashirman for his next movie too. Actress Anna Sharma, who debuted from jerry as co star of Anmol is now screening with Ashirman in ‘Gangster blues’.

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Though Ashirman’s debut movie has not been released yet he is signed in producer Rohit Adhikari’s (who was also producer of Gajalu) movie ‘Breakup’ for Rs.15 lakhs. Ashirsman was initially casted for Sunil Rawal’s Sayad 2 but he couldn’t do the movie as he had to focus on his study.With his Hollywood look and dashing personality, there’s no doubt that ashirman is going to be teen session. Ashirman is son of banker Raveena deshraj and Actor Ayushman deshraj’s brother. Besides this he used to known as a model and has been cover of magazine M&S.

Ashirman has already fan followings, we will see what changes occurs in his fan followers after releasing his movies

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