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You won’t believe how the chaiwala from Pakistan looks like now!!

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A few weeks ago a Pakistani chaiwala(Arshad Khan) took the internet by storm… he was tagged as the “hot-tea”. He instantly became an internet sensation around the globe with people sharing pictures of him on twitter , instagram and other social medias.

Arshad was photographed by freelancer Photographer Jiah Khan at the tea stall in the Islamabad flea market. He does remember a woman stopping suddenly and capturing his picture while he was serving tea but he never had imagined to be famous overnight. Those piercing dreamy blue eyes captured attention of thousands and many of them even showed up at his tea stall to take selfies with him. Soon after that he landed his first modelling contract at an Islamabad-based clothing retail site Fitin.pk. Talk about getting lucky!


Now the eighteen year old Arshad has been given a TV makeover on the Good Morning Pakistan show, and trust me he doesn’t look any less than a star! Don’t believe me? well the look for yourself…

Before Makeover


After Makeover

arshad4      arshad6


See?? Didn’t I tell you he looks amazing? He sure does!







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